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Wood based panels and rotocure steel belts

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Wood based panels and rotocure steel belts

 NAUT MSS-1650 grade steel belt is a high strength martensitic stainless steel material that made through cold rolling, aging heat treatment, leveling, seamless welding, surface treatment and other multi-channel process. This level steel belt is generally used in the extreme work environment, with the most prominent advantage of high mechanical properties, surface wear resistance, no deformation after welding and high welding coefficient etc. After years of development, NAUT MSS-1650 steel belt has been successfully used in a number of industries, such as single and double steel belt type continuous compressor system in artificial board industry, composite press , artificial marble and so on.

Standard steel belt and non-standard size

Steel belt performance parameter


Outstanding characteristics of steel belt

  • Uniformity of thickness              
  • Hard &wear-resisting surface
  • High welding coefficient             
  • keep running in the less than 400℃ work environment
  • Well corrosion resistance           
  • Higher mechanical(Ts. Ys. El. Hv)
  • Easy to repair 

Wider application

  • Rubber and plastic conveyor belt
  • Artificial board (Chipboard, medium 
  • density fiber board)
  • Artificial marble
  • Various pressing machine
  • Paper
  • Multi-layer composite plate
  • Double steel belt pressing machine
  • Single steel belt pressing machine
  • Transportation and convey