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Sulphur granulation

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Sulphur granulation

Curing granulation process

   Molten state material passes through the granulator, drips to the metal belts to form semicircular particles, then the particle shift on the belts, and spray cooling and solidify by the water from back of steel belt, finally blown down..  The particle will be controlled by adjust the steel belt speed, machine head rotating speed and the material pump rotating speed.

Granulator parameter

  • Material scope: paraffin, sulphur, all kinds of resin and other materials in the melt state
  • Output: <=6t (Subject to the material)
  • Granulation width specification: B600, B800,B1000, B1200, B1500
  • Current granulation temperature: <=220C
  • Current granulated particle size: 4mm – 12mm
  • Material: basic material SUS304,also can be designed according to the special requirements of the material
  • Granulation seal: mechanical seal + sealing ring
  • Sealing ring material: according to the requirements of the temperature

Fundamental structure and features of Granulation machine

   The core part of granulating machine comprises driving end, operation end, transfer roller and shaft core. The driving end and operation end includes the bearing and sealing and pedestal etc. Trepanning of transfer roller was confirmed according to the material and output. The shaft core has distribution and nozzle which design according to the different material. 
    Driving end, operation end, transfer roller, distribution and nozzle can be removed for maintenance, the whole removal and installation process will be proceeded on the shaft core, and completed by single people with the tools.
    The drive system of the granulation machine includes an electrical machine, reduction gearbox, chain, and frequency controlled by the electrical machine.
    Heating medium tracing heat through dabber mesoporous, the headpiece can take temperature sensor. 
    When the head is maintained, it can be lifted and rotated, the lifting process is completed by the cylinder, and the rotation is accomplished by the hand driven screw.
    The headpiece equip with the protective and wend cover piece which can add insulation casing according to the need, air cylinder driving can be overall opened. Also it can add a heat insulation outer drum cover.
    The whole body of the machine is installed on the base of the frame, and the position of the base is adjusted.

The characteristic of pelletized products:

     ――Hemispheric    ――Round and full    ――Size uniformity
Material Testing

   Different materials have different melting point, viscosity and other characteristics, which will be different handpiece parameters reflected on the pelletizer. In order to obtain the accurate parameter and pelleting result, we have established the testing center to provide the material test for the customer, and got the accurate data through the test.


Applied Range of Granulation

  • Sulfur, paraffin, AKD wax                        
  • C5 / C9 Petroleum resin, Phenolic resin
  • Pitch,Maleic anhydride, rubber chemicals, fatty alcohol
  • Other