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Steel belts cooler for wax resin fine chemcials

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Steel belts cooler for wax resin fine chemcials

Naut belt cooling systems for flakes

Belt cooling system make use of material’s low melting point.

Via overflow weir feeder,the molten products is loaded onto the below constantly moving steel belt.On the cooling effects of water spray above or below the belt,the molten products is solidified,crystallized and formed as flakes when they are being conveyed.

According to different material feature and capacity requirement,you can choose single belt cooling system,double belt cooling system,large capacity cooling system.Double cooling system includes flat flaking machine,Bow flaking machine and tilting flaking machine.

Belt cooling system working principle.With its excellent thermal conductivity,the steel belt is sprayed on the underside with water from nozzles carefully positioned to ensure uniform cooling,the cooling water is collected in tanks and drained through an integral collecting pipe.

As the belt is reverse bending on the discharge end so the solidified products can be separated from steel belt naturally.There’s no dust when discharging and the flakes is protected well.The belt cooler applies double frequency speed control which can be adjusted according to capacity requirement and material characteristic.Also it uses multistage temperature control to ensure its stable and reliability in operation.

The belt cooling and solidification systems is suitable for various flake products with melting temperature up to 320℃


  • Paraffin wax
  • Microwax
  • PE wax
  • Montan wax
  • AKD wax
  • Beeswax
  • Depilating waxes
  • Flavoured waxes


PF resin, resin, phenolic resin, resin, epoxy resin, polyamide resin, polyamide resin, petroleum resin C5-C9,aluminium sulfate

Naut’s big capacity breaker:big capacity,small flakes,minimum dust

Naut’s big capacity breaker:big capacity,small flakes,minimum dust

Naut Single belt cooling system for Aluminum Sulfate Solidification

Aluminum sulfate is widely used in paper & water industry.Our Al sulfate cooling & solidification system provided for ARIAN chemical company from Bangladesh include upstream feeding equipment,reaction tank to cooling and solidification system to downstream handling and packaging to process control.

Among them, the cooling and solidification system equipment is a 40m long single belt cooler for flakes machine,which us anti-corrosion stainless steel.To prevent products dropping from the belt,we will bond two V rubber strip on the two sides of the belt surface.