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Steel belt presses for composite material

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Steel belt presses for composite material

Double belt mixed pressing system

   Mixed pressing system, a new compression technology, combined with two technologies of the stainless steel belt and TEFLON® coating will greatly reduce the operation and maintenance costs. That use the steel belt technology in the most important and necessary process will guarantee the products quality effectively, adopting lower cost Coated Teflon Belt technology in the rest of the section to realize the continuous traction and other functions. The whole system comprise with raw material area, preheating area, molding area, cooling area and finished product area, and integrate many of the most advanced technology, which makes the whole device safe, stable and reliable.

That the combination of dual technology can achieve more complementary advantages, specific performance in the following several aspects:

  • Lower material cost

      High-density products can be produced by high-pressure steel belts, which mean that the demand for thermoplastic adhesive materials will be reduced, especially for natural fibers product.

  • Improve the quality of press product

      High mechanical properties of steel belts (such as high hardness, tensile strength, yield strength and low elongation) will keep the pressure on the balance in the whole sections of the molding area. At eh same time, the excellent performance of steel belts can make the thickness of pressing product to be consistent.

  • Lower energy consumption

      The high thermal storage capacity of the steel belt can reduce the energy consumption in the manufacturing process, as well as keep the constant temperature control of the material gap.

  • Material will not yield residue

      In the whole process, Non-viscous characteristic of Teflon will make the material not to yield residue. 

Pure steel belt pressing system

   Steel belt pressing system is a single unit system completely based on the design and manufacture of drive stainless belt technology, the system is also set heating, pressing, thickness determine, cooling and other function into an organic whole, both two layer use special circular stainless steel belt as cyclic pressing belt, which will make the process in product quality to be stability, especially in uniform of hot and cold, unanimous thickness of finished products. The whole machine has good heat preservation.

   Double steel belt pressing technology has above two types, which all can be merge into the mixed pressing production line, the specific selection criteria will be decided according to the process conditions and suggestion of user and engineers.