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Dear Customers, the following questions are frequently asked by our customers, we put them as following, if you still have any questions haven’t been answered following, you can call our 24 hours telephone NO. to get your quick answer.

Q1:What are the causes of belts deviation?

Many reasons will cause belt deviation, following are the most common reason.
Equipment accuracy is not high, the main performance in the device frame of the straightness and the drive wheel of the error is large, that is, the non - "rectangle"
Bell mouth phenomenon in a steel belt, that is the perimeter zone is not equal to both sides Unevenness heating, cooling, pressure and tension.

Q2:If the original steel belts can be replaced by the NAUT steel belt?

Of course you can. A successful replacement will highlight the advantages of NAUT steel belt in some ways. Only if we should know the model, the current working environment and specific size of the original steel belt, so as to achieve the ideal conditions for use.

Q3. Can I get a sample?

Yes, the samples are free for you. But you need to offer one courier account NO. to afford the fee for samples shipping. The samples’ sending usually takes 3-5days.

Q4. How can my order produced by my brand?

Yes, you can. Pls offer your brand or LOGO design to us, then we could produce all goods with your brand or LOGO. If your order quantity reaches two containers, this OEM production is FREE for you. If your order quantity cannot reach two containers, you need to pay additional USD500 for this OEM production.

Q5. What’s your delivery time?

Except our legal holiday, it will take 2 weeks for us to finish all your orders’ production.